The Solo lay down infrared sauna

The solo lay down sauna is perhaps the most relaxing sauna. It's not uncommon for people to drift off and have a nap during their session. This sauna uses far infrared light, delivering 360° surround heat.  This sauna will raise your core body temperature and induce a healthy, detoxifying sweat. It's particularly good for relieving sore aching leg muscles and for people with back pain.

When your session finishes, you won't want to get out! 


The mPulse infrared sauna (fits 2 people)

The mPulse sauna is a full spectrum infrared sauna, featuring a combination of near, mid and far infrared light. This sauna is great for detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, relaxation, anti-aging and cardiovascular health.

The heat intensity with this sauna is mild to hot,  the infrared heat is very relaxing.

If you are new to using infrared saunas, this is the sauna that we recommend that you start off with.


The Signature infrared sauna (fits 3 people)

The Signature sauna is ideal for people who love the heat.


This is the hottest infrared sauna in the studio. Featuring far infrared light technology, this infrared sauna is ideal for detoxification, weight loss, relaxation and cardiovascular health.

This is also our most spacious infrared sauna, providing plenty of room to stretch out and even practice some yoga moves. 

Be prepared to sweat in this sauna!