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Hello, I’m Jill and I am the founder of Enliven Infrared Saunas.


I was born and bred in Canberra and spent the past few years living in Melbourne, exploring the ever-inspiring city. I had an amazing time living in Melbourne and made some life long friends there, however at a certain point there was something drawing me back to Canberra.


It was while I was living in Melbourne that a friend introduced me to the world of infrared saunas. I began using them on a regular basis and enjoyed the many health benefits that came with infrared sauna therapy.

After years of working in office jobs, I decided that it was time to take the plunge and do something that inspired me. I missed the infrared sauna studios that I used to go to in Melbourne, so I decided to open my own studio here in Canberra.

It's been lovely to have people visit the studio and discover the benefits of infrared sauna therapy for themselves. I truely enjoy seeing my clients go home feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and in some cases free from chronic pain ailments. 

If you have any questions about the studio or infrared saunas, please get in touch or drop by for a visit - I'm always up for a chat! 

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